Tuesday, 10 July 2012


100 Climbs

13 Days

3 Legs: 1 x 4, 1 x 4, 1 x 5

Driven: 4267 miles

Elevation Gained: 73 615 feet

Average Speed: 7.5 mph

Climbing Time: 28hrs 55 mins 6 secs

Longest Hill To Climb: Tan Hill, 50 mins 4 secs

Shortest Hill To Climb: Constitution Hill, 2 mins 8 secs

Highest Elevation Gained: Bealach-Na-Ba, 2073 feet

Steepest Incline: Ffordd Penlech, 40%

Longest Day: Day 6 (19 hours)

Most Climbs In 1 Day: 13 (Day 10)

Number of punctures: Zero

Data collected from Garmin Connect via my Garmin 800. Distances may vary slightly from the book as (just to be sure) I started before and finished after the 'official' start/finish points as defined by Simon.

Thank you to the following individuals and companies who made 100 Climbs In 13 Days possible:-

Richard Shepherd of BikeLux and MotorLux. Richard was one of the first people I discussed the 100 Climbs idea with and was also a close friend of Richard Burns. Via his MotorLux dealership he provided the sponsored Mazda 6 Sports Estate and organised the Scott Foil bike with Caroline Goward of Scott Sports UK.

Ian Andrew of Dot Com Agency for donating the 100in13.com blog address, sponsoring a laptop computer, contributing to fuel and accommodation costs and co-driving on Leg 3 as well as being a constant sounding board.

Class members, clients and friends of UK Fitness Academy and Community Fitness & Dance Club who provided support, encouragement and donations to the RB Foundation, travel expenses and a fabulous welcoming committee at the top of Box Hill!

Karen Smith for her marketing skills and assistance in spreading the word via local radio and press - all at very short notice.

David Young of Farnham Chiropractic Clinic for chiropractic treatment and support.

Pedal Heaven of Fleet for service and (last minute) assistance in bike mechanics and parts as well as clothing at cost price.

MaxiFuel for providing sports nutrition products.

Declan Waters for donating to travel and accommodation costs as well as driving duties on Day 12.

Dr. Martha Wrigley-Huckins for moral support and reassurance before starting Leg 2.

Martin McCrossan for lending me his climbing wheels and helping me brainstorm and plan the original 100 Climbs.

Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics of Wrexham Maelor Hospital, Llangollen Community Hospital and Welsh Ambulance Service.

Simon Warren and Mark Oliver, for their support, advice and encouragement as well as David Rodgers and 30 Big Climbs duo, Colin Menzies and Ewan Stewart.

All of you who Tweeted, RT'd, DM'd, FB'd and texted me throughout! Sorry I couldn't reply to everyone but they ALL made a difference.

Lastly but not least, Helen Carpenter-Waters of UKFA and Community Fitness & Dance Club for donations to the RB Foundation, contributing to the accommodation fund, motivation and co-driving on all 3 Legs. I'm not sure I could have carried on after Day 4 without your constant support and shouting - not to mention video commentary!

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  1. What an achievement very well done chapeau