Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Wow, what a great response! Thanks to everyone who shared and retweeted the blog link (over a 1000 visits) and yes, you're quite right to doubt my sanity.

A big thank you to Helen, Adele and Gill for their kind donations and being the first to get the fund raising started!

It was with a sizeable gulp that I hit the 'Publish' button yesterday and sent the blog live - I must admit it's a bit of a relief that a project idea that had only been shared with a handful of people has finally commenced it's journey.

I'm now working on getting the route and climbs displayed on a web page so you can see where the climbs are and the path I'll be taking around the UK. The Garmin data gathered from tackling each climb will (hopefully) upload to this. If there's anyone out there who has experience of designing such a working graphic etc., please do get in touch and tell me how you did it!



  1. Steve - it is Mark from the 100hillsforgeorge site here - bung me an email if you like on mroli2003@yahoo.com and I can help out with thoughts/tips if you like?



  2. Hi Mark - good to hear from you! Would love to hear any suggestions you might have. Will mail you asap.



  3. All the best Steve. I'm doing them all too...but in a year! Blog here (www.100climbsfor2012.blogspot.com) and please do drop me a line if you want some company. I'm riding the Etape du Dales and Fred Whitton in May if you're around on those days and in the area. Amazing challenge and I commend your support crew too as that is a lot of driving (not to mention the cycling)to squeeze in


  4. Thanks Nathan - great blog! I'll check those dates and see how it pans out. Will get back to you. Good luck with your next phase!