Monday, 2 April 2012


After much experimentation, the route and climbs can now be viewed here. There's also a link near the top right of the screen.

It's taken a while because although the original route plan was completed 6 weeks ago, it was done using software that has no direct web application, therefore I had to try alternatives.

The 'best fit' seemed to be Google Maps but it has not been as easy to work with as I had hoped - the map is 'zoomable' and the markers are accurate but a larger, less cluttered graphic would be better.

If anyone has any suggestions (even a suitable alternative), I am all ears.

I can now confirm that I will start the 100 Climbs on the morning of Friday 18th May at Streatley Hill near Reading with the goal of finishing on Swains Lane in the centre of London on Wednesday 30th May. 13 Days.

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