Sunday, 6 May 2012


Yesterday's objective was to combine 5-7 short, local climbs (within a 25 mile radius) and connect them all by driving between locations. In other words, specifically like the challenge itself - other than the hills themselves were a fraction of the difficulty of the 'real' ones.

I wasn't on a great day physically but I still learnt some important points, the most significant being the effects of repeatedly being in a seated driving position in between riding/efforts. Not comfortable at all - so decided to extend the warm down period further, to minimise blood pooling. I also think I'll have to use compression tights during all the drive sections. This will add more time but I don't think I can afford to go without.

On the plus side, the process of parking up/removing bike/clothing 're-zip'/getting moving etc. all went well - smoother than had I hoped actually. Phew!

Still undecided on the best way to post/record the data file of each climb. Garmin Connect doesn't work for everyone - if you don't have an account or are not signed in, then you can't see the info. Strava uploads to Twitter, Facebook and the Blog fairly easily but it might quickly clutter up page space with unwanted 'leader boards'. Need to think more about this.

Update: slightly different embedding like the two below might be the way to go.


  1. Hi Steve - I use Garmin Connect to share mine. All you need to do is click on the 'padlock' icon for that particular ride, and all of the data is then public (either that or you can change your default setting so that every ride uploads as public unless you specify otherwise).

    Once you've done that, if you click on the 'share' link and use the embed option, you can paste this into the HTML code when you write the blog and it appears as a small summary which can be clicked through for the whole route (see the bottom of my blog for an example here: )

    Hope that helps

    1. Got it! Thanks Nathan - I knew there must be a way. Still undecided on which to go for between the two. I only have limited time during and at the end of each day to upload between 8-12 climbs. Am doing a full practice day at the weekend so will try 5 with Strava and 5 with Garmin Connect. Thanks again!