Wednesday, 23 May 2012


The disappointment of stopping is still hard to deal with but I've been humbled by the amount and nature of your well wishes and comments - both personally and across the various social media. Thank you.

I'm seeing my GP today to hopefully get the ball rolling regarding the outstanding tests. The Doctor at Wrexham Hospital said he should receive the paperwork by the end of the week but I want to be as pro-active as possible.

I've already discussed plans to finish the challenge and we've decided to provisionally go with 2 x 4 day 'attacks' on the remaining 71. Logistically, with the difficult Welsh & South West sections out of the way, that's not as ambitious as it sounds - although sure, it won't be easy!

I also have two good friends who have committed to sharing 'Directeur Sportif' duties when we do this - this means, like the first 2 days with Helen C-W, I'll have someone in the support car all the time.

Obviously, timescale is difficult to predict at the moment but we're not ruling out June and July for 100 Climbs In 13 Days, Parts 2 & 3!

Will keep you posted...

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