Friday, 1 June 2012


After another ECG (normal), no repeat symptoms, solid training sessions and various discussions with professional friends and colleagues (including a recommendation from a Senior Cardiologist), the consensus is that there's no strong reason why I shouldn't restart. There's a good chance that the episode was a 'one off' and the fact that I had no other symptoms at the time or since, is key.

So the plan is to restart tomorrow (Saturday) but as we're now going to aim for 2 x 4/5 days (still 13 in total), I've decided to start 'Day 5' in Scotland and get the difficult logistics out the way, especially while I've got support with me.

Here's how the new schedule pans out:-

DAY 5 (starting at around midday)
No.30  Rest And Be Thankful
No.31  Bealach-Na-Ba
No.32  Cairngorm

No.33  The Lecht
No.34  Cairn O’Mount
No.35  The Cairnwell
No.36  Mennock Pass
No.37  Hartside
No.38  Whinlatter Pass
No.39. Honister Pass
No.40  Newlands Hause

No.41  Wrynose Pass
No.42  Hardknott Pass
No.43  Kirkstone Pass
No.44  Garsdale Head
No.45  Fleet Moss
No.46  Buttertubs Pass
No.47  Oxnop Scar
No.48  Tan Hill
No.49  The Stang
No.50  Chapel Fell

No.51  Crawleyside
No.52  Winters Gibbet
No.53  Peth Bank
No.54  Carlton Bank
No.55  Rosedale Chimney
No.56  Boltby Bank

That will then leave 44 predominantly short to medium climbs to complete in 4-5 days in what will be Part 3.

Hoping the Bank Holiday traffic doesn't cause us too many problems!

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