Saturday, 30 June 2012


Climbs completed up to No. 94 York's Hill. Very tired - body and mind not really working very well!

85. Jackson Bridge, Jackson Bridge
86. Holme Moss, Holmfirth
87. Pea Royd Lane, Stocksbridge
88. Michaelgate, Lincoln
89. Terrace Hill, Vale Of Belvoir
90. Swains Lane, Highgate
91. Mott Street, High Beach
92. White Lane, Limpsfield
93. Toys Hill, Edenbridge
94. York's Hill, Sevenoaks

The previous evening I dropped Ian off at Bradford Station (thanks Ian - fantastic support as ever),  climbed Shibden Wall and Halifax Lane then drove to Huddersfield Station to pick up new 'wing man', Declan Waters.

Early start again saw us complete the first 3 climbs of Jackson Bridge, Holme Moss and Pea Royd Lane. They're all steeped in hill climbing history having hosted the National Hill Climb Championship at some point. Despite the relentless schedule of 100 Climbs In 13 Days, I've always tried to take in as much detail from the climbs - especially the ones I'd not ridden before like these three.

Had a short off course moment on Pea Royd Lane - purely due to inattention and mental fatigue - but thankfully not like the time wasting error on The Shelf back on Day 4.

With 16 climbs left at the beginning of the day (and most of them relatively short) I began to feel I was edging towards the home straight and even my legs felt better than the day before (although that's not saying a lot!). One thing I'd learned over the previous 2 legs and 11 days however, is how quickly things can change both mentally and physically. On the way to  Lincoln for No. 88 Michaelgate, I began to feel quite light headed and uneasy - it passed but the sensations returned a few times over the day. Deep fatigue throws you curve balls sometimes. This was also the first day I didn't do any of the driving between climbs - I just let Dec get on with it and kept my legs elevated.

Terrace Hill is graded 1/10 in the book and technically the 'easiest' hill of the 100 but I would beg to differ with Simon here: I think it presents more of a challenge than say, Box Hill or Mott Street. We also found it quite tough to find!

After a battle though North London traffic for Swains Lane and Mott Street we headed round the M25 and completed the last 3 of the day including the classic double header of the Catford CC and Bec CC hill climbs, York's Hill and White Lane respectively.

A 9pm finish (early!) and only 6 to go!

Jackson Bridge

Holme Moss

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