Thursday, 14 June 2012


Today, I had intended to post the details of Leg 3.

Starting tomorrow, we would have been aiming to complete an ambitious 35 climbs in 3 days - targeting the remaining North East climbs and moving south into Yorkshire and the Midlands. The route options, support 'crew' and accommodation having all been (finally) agreed on.

That was until this morning's weather forecast highlighted the strong likelihood of gusting winds, heavy rain and flooding in the very (exposed) areas we were heading to. Being wet, cold etc. is something you just have to deal with but 25-30% inclines in severe weather mean only one thing on a bike: wheelslip or wheelspin and ultimately having to put your foot down and the hill then 'beating' you. The proposed 35 climbs are hard enough without battling elements over which I have no control of.

I've also had some wonderfully generous donations to the fuel & accommodation 'fund' and I wouldn't want that to be wasted if we had to turn round and return home having been blown off the side of a mountain in the Yorksire Dales!

So, for once, I'm being 'sensible' (!) and hope to start Leg 3 on Friday 22nd June.

Keep you posted.

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